Blindfolded Golf Cart Maze

Come join us for a the Golf Cart Maze

Walking around a corn maze…boring.  Driving around a maze, now your talking.  Come try out our half acre tire maze.

Are you a better pilot or navigator? 

Do you have communication skills or listening skills? 

Are you a better back seat driver than driver?

You’ll get two tries to find out.  Just bring your side-kick on down to the pumpkin patch and try out your hand at the Blindfolded Golf Cart Maze.

  • Dates are Sept 21st to Oct 31st
  • Ages 14 and up.  Ages 8 to 13 can steer from the right seat.
  • For $10 you and a friend will get 2 turns at a Golf Cart track full of turns and obstacles.  The driver will be blindfolded and the rider will give directions.  See how well you do.  If you want, switch roles for the second round