Colorado Pumpkin Patch FAQ

What kind of Patch are you?
We are a pre-picked patch. What does that mean?  We bring the pumpkins in from large farms in Colorado where they grow much better at lower altitude.  This assures you a great selection of pumpkins and no big messy plowed field. We create a patch play area to enjoy.  After some play time then pick a pumpkin on the way out.  The pumpkins are near the entrance and not far from your car.

Will your pumpkin supply always be stellar?  We do a great job of supplying the patch with a great collection of pumpkins.  The best time for selection is between October 1st and 20th. In the last week or two of the patch specialty pumpkins begin to run low and run out.  During the last few days of the patch depending on the supply of pumpkins in Colorado fields  we may run low.   If you show up on the last few days of October hoping to see field of orange you might be surprised, but we do try to keep a good selection through closing day as much as we can.

Do you have scary Halloween activities?
We are a family friendly fall outing. We do not have anything scary at the Patch. We offer straw slides, kids straw maze, petting farm, big bale pyramid, gourd launching, and a tractor “hay” ride.

What are your hours?
We are open every day of the week: Monday through Sunday.  See our Times/Prices page for the lastest open times.

What are your group prices?
We do offer group prices.  See our Times/Prices page for the latest update on pricing.

Can we bring food into the Patch?
Yes, you may bring your own food into the Patch. We do have a snack/drink concession stand that is available everyday.

Do you have a place to eat?
We have picnic tables available. If they are full, there is PLENTY of open ground that can be used for picnic style snacks or lunches.

Do you have anything organized for birthdays or special groups?
We offer birthday parties and special groups at the group rate per person and that includes a pumpkin. We will reserve a table for your group if you would like. Or you can bring in your own table, blanket and set it up off to the side out of the middle of the activities.  Call in advance for group, table or tent reservations.

Is there a time limit?
You can stay for as long as we are open. Feel free to roam, play, relax, and enjoy your time. Most schools stay for about 2 hours as the minimum.

More questions:  Call us at 719-799-6708.

Direction questions:
Please see our Visit Us page for the best illustration.